Singapore is a modern city and island in South East Asia that offers its visitors with some incredible options.

It’s pretty famous with people because it has extensive connectivity to almost all wonderful countries in South East Asia and is perhaps the only of its kind to cater to the needs of natives from around the globe.

It is an amazing place, for the lack of a better word. It also funnily reminds you of India because of its earthly ways, and yet it’s very different because of its truly cosmopolitan charms.

There’s even a place called Little India where you can find spice traders amidst eclectic eateries and hipster bars. The city, as a whole, is much more than the popular insignia of Merlin – it is a completely different way of life.

You’ll find people from so many different ethnic cities in this small country. And keeping the usual traditions, religions, and beliefs aside, what you’d like about the place is that it’s so versatile and interesting on a daily basis with the numerous fiestas and events that keep coming along.

A picturesque city with full of captivating sights and leaves one spellbound, for your whole time during the study stay there. To Study in Singapore for Indian Student will be an exhilarating experience.

Quick Facts
  • Full name: Republic of Singapore
  • Climate generally hot and humid.
  • Location: South eastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Language official languages Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English
  • Capital of Singapore: Singapore
  • Currency: SGD (Singapore Dollar)
Why Study In Singapore?
  • Obtain a recognized international degree without having to travel to a western country.
  • A safe city with low crime rate and a stable political institution.
  • Proximity to India Singapore is only a few hours apart by air.
  • Multilingual county that provides a conducive environment for students to study
  • Enjoy high standards of living, healthcare and education
  • Singapore is a thriving arts and cultural scene
  • Excellent job opportunities due the presence of many multinational companies in Singapore.
Singapore Educational System

The Singapore educational system consists of


They Offer practice-oriented studies at the diploma level offering wide range of courses from Engineering, Business Studies, Mass Communication, Design and Info-Communications.

Institute Of Technical Education

ITE is an institution that offers technical knowledge in various industry sectors. Apart from providing full-time institutional training and traineeship programmes for secondary school leavers, ITE also provides continuing education programmes for working adults.

  • Offer postgraduate, graduate and research programmes
  • In addition to local universities, worlds leading foreign universities have their campuses (institutes of higher learning) or have joint collaborations/programmes with local universities.
Tests Requirements
  • Polytechnic Diploma & Bachelor programs overall band score of 6.0 or equivalent.
  • Master Degree IELTS 6.0 – 6.5 or equivalent depending on the program.
  • January /February /April/May/July/August/October/November
How Much Does A Singapore Education Cost?
  • Diplomas- 1 – 2 years (Cost- S$9000- S$15000)
  • Bachelors- 2-4 years (Cost- S$ 24000- S$35000)
  • Masters- 1- 1.5 years (Cost- S$ 18,500- S$ 30000)
Cost Of Living
  • An average of about S$750 to S$2,000 a month *